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TESConf 2016
"An Integrated Collaborative Platform for managing Product-service Across their Life Cycle"Markos Matsas George Pintzos Anna Kapnia and Dimitris MourtzisLMSPublication Link
JCM 2016
"Towards a new collaborative framework supporting the design process of industrial Product Service Systems"Elaheh Maleki, Farouk Belkadi and Yicha ZhangECNPublication Link
CIRP Design 2017
"PSS Pattern concept for knowledge representation in design process
of industrial product-service systems"
Farouk Belkadi, Yicha Zhang, Luis Usatorre Irazusta, Elaheh Maleki, Alain Bernard and Spyros KoukasECN, TECNALIA &
Publication Link
IFAC 2017
"A sensor ontology enabling service implementation in Industrial Product-Service Systems"Elaheh Maleki, Farouk Belkadi, Berend Jan van derZwaag and Alain BernardECN & INERTIAPublication Link
IFAC 2017
"Model-Based System Engineering for PSS Development: Review and Problem Statement" Elaheh Maleki, Farouk Belkadi and Alain BernardECN
IPSS 2017
"Systems Engineering as a Foundation for PSS Development Project: Motivations and Perspectives"Elaheh Maleki, Farouk Belkadi and Alain BernardECNPublication Link
"The Manufacturing Blueprint Environment: Bringing Intelligence into Manufacturing"Michael Papazoglou and Amal ElgammalServTechPublication Link
IPSS 2017
"Design for Customization: A New Paradigm for Product-Service System Development"Amal Elgammal, Michael Papazoglou, Bernd Kramer and Carmen Constantinescu
ServTech, IAOPublication Link
APMS 2017
"Resource Planning for the Installation of Industrial Product Service Systems"Kosmas Alexopoulos, Spyros Koukas, Nikoletta Boli and Dimitris MourtzisLMSPublication Link
10Conference CIRP
LCE 2018
"A framework of Energy Services: from traditional contracts to Product-Service System (PSS)"Dimitris Mourtzis, Nikoletta Boli, Kosmas Alexopoulos and Damian RóżyckiLMS & TAURONPublication Link
11IEEE IoT Journal"Ontology-based framework enabling smart Product-Service Systems: Application of sensing systems for machine health monitoring"Elaheh Maleki, Farouk Belkadi, Nikoletta Boli, Berend Jan van der Zwaag, Kosmas Alexopoulos, Spyridon Koukas, Mihai Marin-Perianu, Alain Bernard and Dimitris MourtzisECN, LMS, INTRASOFT & INERTIAPublication Link
12International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (IJAMT)"Product-service system (PSS) complexity metrics within mass customization and Industry 4.0 environment"Dimitris Mourtzis, Sophia Fotia, Nikoletta Boli and Pietro PittaroLMS & PRIMAPublication Link
13Conference CIRP
CMS 2018
"Architecture and development of an Industrial Internet of Things
framework for realizing services in Industrial Product Service Systems"
Kosmas Alexopoulos, Spyros Koukas, Nikoletta Boli and Dimitris MourtzisLMS Publication Link
14Conference CIRP
CAT 2018
"An Industrial Product-Service System approach for Laser Process Quality Control"D. Mourtzis, N. Boli, K. Alexopoulos, P. Pittaro, A.TerrenoLMS & PRIMAPublication Link
15Conference INCOM IFAC 2018"Maintenance assistance application for the preventive and unscheduled maintenance of manufacturing equipment: A PSS approach"D. Mourtzis, J. Angelopoulos, N. BoliLMSPublication Link
16CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology (2018)“A knowledge-based framework for PSS design and manufacturing”F. Belkadi, N. Boli, L. U. Irazusta, E. Maleki, K. Alexopoulos, A. Bernard, D. MourtzisECN, LMS, TECNALIAPublication Link
17CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology (2018)" Collaborative on-demand product-service systems customization lifecycle"Mike Papazoglou, Amal Elgammal, Bernd J. Krämer
ServTechPublication Link