The European manufacturing industry faces new challenges, which are currently not addressed by today’s products and systems.The specific quantitative objectives of ICP4Life are:

  • To reduce up to 30% the lead times in product development and process planning for modular product-services.
  • To improve sustainability and decrease time-to-market by 20% for all products including configurations and associated services.
  • To reduce the set-up and ramp-up times by up to 40% through seamless exchange of process information and knowledge reuse from previous projects.
  • To reduce the environmental footprint of products by up to 30% through the control and monitoring of all their lifecycle phases from design up to disposal.
  • Improve maintenance in energy supply networks by reducing relevant process times by 40%.

Furthermore, some of the main objectives of ICP4Life are the introduction of advanced services in the energy suppliers industry through early dissemination as well as the better integration of customers and manufacturers (targeting all SMEs and industrial equipment manufacturers) so as to increase the competitiveness of the European manufacturing community.