ICP4Life Planner

The ICP4Life Planner component is oriented to industries which provide Product Service Systems and aims to contribute to the process planning phase and the supply chain management. To achieve this goal, the modules and subcomponents of the Planner are responsible for retrieving production and suppliers’ data from the ICP4Life common semantic repository, use them and provide the most effective and sustainable solutions to the customers. What is more, the ICP4LIFE Planner is designed to interact and assist a Process Engineer who can assess the feasibility of the results.


The Planner component consists of two main modules, the Planner Portlet and Planner Functional Module. The latter one is responsible to provide services which realize the generation of the best production plan, the extraction of all the available suppliers and the management of the corresponding data. What is more, the calculation of the production energy consumption, cost and time and also services for the communication of the ICP4Life Components and the data management e.g. save, delete etc. are designed in the concept of the Planner Functional Module. The Planner Portlet module consists of individual subcomponents which are responsible for the interaction with the user and the functionalities that are offered by the GUIs.